THE BOOK: Waking Up, by Andrea J. Buchanan Everyone knows what happens when you become a Twelve. It's all over the Ultranet. And besides that, there are the rumors.... But when Talia Troy learns the true nature of her fate, she decides to fight back. With the help of her computer-genius brother, locked far away in a government facility, she finds a way to resist. And soon her only way out becomes...waking up. Part Ender's Game, part Hunger Games, this 14,000-word ebook is the perfect introduction to the specially commissioned, extra-deadly, Vechs-designed Minecraft map based on the story.
THE MINECRAFT MAP: Super Hostile #14: Waking Up Vechs' 14th map in the Super Hostile series begins where the source material upon which it's based ends: In a strange underground world where the player can never be sure if what is happening is real or a dream. As in every Vechs Super Hostile map, the player must collect blocks and complete the victory monument in order to win the game, but in Waking Up there is an added twist. The player must also collect and place special books, scattered throughout the map, that not only fully complete the expanded victory monument, but also contain every chapter from the short story Waking Up. If the player manages to collect all the books without dying, they'll be able to read the complete story in-game.


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Mojang devs Marc_IRL, Dinnerbone, Jeb, and Grumm livestreamed about five hours of their attempt at the map (on Hard, Normal, and Easy)

Dev commentary by Vechs!

Andi and Pizzle213 try Waking Up co-op

AnotherMinecraftLP braves the map (again!)

CilantroGamer livestreams his way through the map

ZombieCleo plays the map

Joe Hills attempts a speed run

Ant Venom gives it a go

Paul Soares Jr. tries to "soarvive"



About the Author

Andrea J. Buchanan is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book is the multimedia young adult novel GIFT. Her other work includes the internationally bestselling The Daring Book For Girls and seven other books. Before becoming a writer, Andi trained as a pianist. Her last recital was at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. She lives with her family in Philadelphia. Follow Andi on Twitter, Google+, and GoodReads.

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